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Camso track kits

Performance is the triumvirate of strength, stability, and accuracy. With this in mind, Camso designs individual track systems that harmonize with your machine and engine. The drive sprockets included in your track package are meticulously designed and calibrated for your specific, allowing your tracks to offer superior flotation and traction without compromising on performance.

  • Designed to sustain top speed and enhance low-end power
  • Ensures optimal speed in all working conditions
  • Calibrated to avoid overloading the clutch and engine
  • Solutions available for smaller machines as low as 300 cc
  • In-built drive system to minimize splatter and optimize power transmission

Multiple sprockets custom-sized for a perfect fit:

  • 15 teeth suitable for 300 to 400 cc
  • 16 teeth suitable for 400 to 500 cc
  • 17 teeth suitable for 550 to 700 cc
  • 18 teeth suitable for 700 cc and above
* The specifications may vary based on different models.


Our ATV and SxS front-mounted tracks feature Camso's unique FLEX-TRACK design. With their flexible sides and a gentle inward curve, they offer a more comfortable ride compared to traditional flat tracks. The front tracks ensure stable handling due to their flexible sides, while the flat rear tracks deliver increased traction and flotation.

  • Stable and accurate steering for enjoyable long-distance rides and extended usage
  • Excellent shock absorption & reduced vibration for increased comfort & less fatigue
  • Significant reduction in splatter
  • Optimal power steering efficiency and longevity


Our simple-to-install mounting systems are perfectly tailored to your machine's make and model, ensuring that the tracks remain securely attached.

  • Constructed to withstand impacts
  • Rear track spring-anti-rotation systems for overcoming obstacles
  • Easily and economically transferable to other vehicles

How Easy is it to Steer my ATV/UTV/SxS with a Track System?

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Steering is about as easy as it is with tires, except when driving very slow or through heavy, wet snow or thick, deep mud.

How long does it take to switch between tracks and tires?

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After the dealer initially installs your track system, changing back and forth between tracks and tires requires about the same amount of time as simply changing tires.*

*Installation time may vary depending on vehicle make and model.

Can the ATV/UTV track treads be studded?

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Something that most track owners don’t know is that Camso track treads can be studded. Look closely at the treads and you will see small circles in the tread. These circles are where ice studs can be screwed directly into the tread. Having hundreds of metal studs in your treads means extra grip on the ice without sacrificing the mobility that treads provide in snow and mud.

Wheels & Tires VS Track Systems

A Comprehensive Comparison

Camso track kits

Whether you're planning on off-roading, traversing through snow, or enjoying a regular drive, the choice between wheels & tires and track systems can significantly impact your driving experience. Both have unique benefits that cater to different requirements and scenarios. Let's dive into a comprehensive comparison:

Wheels & Tires: Traditional Excellence

The time-tested combination of wheels and tires offers versatile performance for a range of conditions. Here are some of their key advantages:

Greater Speed

Wheels & tires typically allow for higher speeds, making them a preferred option for regular road and highway use.


Traditional wheels and tires tend to be more affordable and have lower maintenance costs.


With a plethora of tire options to choose from, you can adapt to different weather and terrain conditions.


Wheels and tires generally offer a smoother ride, particularly on paved roads.

"Wheels and tires offer the perfect combination of speed, affordability, and versatility. It's hard to go wrong with this classic setup."

Track Systems: Unmatched All-Terrain Capabilities

Track systems, such as those offered by Kimpex and Camso, take your vehicle's capabilities to the next level. Here's why:

Superior Traction

Track systems offer exceptional grip, allowing your vehicle to traverse snow, mud, and other challenging terrains with ease.


The wide, flat surface area of tracks provides increased stability, particularly on uneven terrains.

Less Damage

Tracks distribute the weight of the vehicle over a larger area, reducing the impact on the terrain and lessening environmental damage.

Year-Round Performance

Whether it's the heart of winter or a rainy spring day, track systems provide consistent performance in all seasons.

"When you want to push your off-road capabilities to the limit, a track system is an unbeatable choice. For superior traction and stability, it's tracks all the way."

In summary, the choice between wheels & tires and track systems largely depends on your driving needs and preferences. If speed, comfort, and cost-effectiveness are your priorities, wheels and tires might be the way to go. On the other hand, if you frequently navigate challenging terrains or need all-season performance, a track system for your vehicle could be an ideal upgrade.

Shop Top-Quality Camso and Kimpex Track Kits for Your Vehicle

Welcome to our expansive catalog of Camso and Kimpex track kits, designed to meet the diverse needs of your vehicle, regardless of make, model, or type. We understand the critical role that a fitting track kit plays in enhancing your vehicle's performance, durability, and safety. That's why each kit we offer has been rigorously tested to ensure it provides a perfect fit and an optimal performance boost.

Our Camso and Kimpex track kits are complete, meticulously engineered solutions, housing a wide array of high-quality components. Each kit is tailored to ensure your vehicle's track system operates at its peak, whether you own an SUV, ATV, UTV, or snowmobile.

Whether you're looking to maintain, repair, or upgrade, our catalog of Camso and Kimpex track kits offers unmatched reliability and superior quality. Navigating through our extensive collection, you'll find track kits to suit a wide range of vehicle makes and types. Dive into our catalog today and discover the perfect track kit for your vehicle.