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Kimpex VS Camso

A Comprehensive Look at Two Superior Track Systems

Camso track kits

When it comes to enhancing your off-road experience, both Kimpex and Camso offer high-quality track systems that elevate performance and versatility. These industry leaders have unique strengths that cater to different user needs and preferences. Here's a closer look at both:

Kimpex: Reliability Meets Affordability

The Kimpex track system excels in offering a balance between cost-effectiveness and reliability. Here are some key benefits:


Kimpex track systems are known for their resilience, designed to withstand rough terrains and harsh conditions.

Ease of Installation

A user-friendly design allows for a quick setup, making it accessible for all users.


Offering superior functionality at a lower cost, Kimpex provides an affordable yet high-quality option for many users.


Kimpex systems are widely compatible with various makes and years, offering a versatile choice for a wide range of vehicles.

"Kimpex delivers high-quality track systems that don't break the bank. For reliability and affordability, it's hard to beat Kimpex."

Camso: Unparalleled Performance and Innovation

Camso, formerly known as Camoplast, is renowned for its cutting-edge design and high performance. Here's why:

Advanced Engineering

Camso systems utilize advanced engineering to provide superior traction and control in all conditions.


With multiple models for lighter ATVs and heavy-duty UTVs, Camso tailors its systems for different user needs and vehicle specifications.

High Performance

Camso track systems offer top-tier performance, delivering thrilling off-road experiences.

Innovative Design

Camso consistently introduces pioneering designs and features, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in a track system.

"If you're seeking an off-road experience that offers superior control and exhilarating performance, there's no doubt about it, Camso is your go-to."

In conclusion, the choice between Kimpex and Camso comes down to personal preferences and specific requirements. Whether you're looking for cost-effective reliability or a high-performance adventure, these track systems have something to offer every off-road enthusiast. Choose the system that best fits your Polaris UTV vehicle and get ready for an elevated off-road experience.

When I change my ATV/UTV, will I be able to transfer my track system to my new machine?

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Yes. Our track systems are designed to be installed on almost any 4×4 ATV or SxS model. Transfer kits are available from ATV Tracks to upgrade your track system. Contact us to learn more.

Do I have to make modifications to my ATV/UTV to install a track system?

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No – in most cases, you will need some hardware and brackets. Consult your installation guide for more information.

Will the Tracks handle mud, snow, sand and rocks?

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Yes, and almost anything else. The tread design and extra surface contact you have with track systems give you outstanding traction on soft terrain like deep snow or mud and a great grip on rocky surfaces. Track systems also distribute weight better, providing maximum flotation to keep the vehicle from sinking in snow, mud, sand, or swamp.

Go further in deep snow!

Track the Untamed: Enhance Your Hunting Experience with Camso UTV Track Systems

Camso track kits

Unlock the wilderness like never before with Camso UTV track systems. These advanced systems are engineered to enable your side-by-side to safely and effortlessly reach your favored hunting locations, no matter how remote or rugged the terrain. Not only are these tracks designed to carry all your hunting equipment, but they are also robust enough to haul your prized trophies back home. With Camso UTV track systems, hunting becomes more than a sport - it transforms into a memorable family experience.

Navigating the Wild with Camso UTV Track Systems

Outfit your side-by-side with Camso UTV track systems and conquer the wilderness like never before. Built to withstand harsh conditions, these track systems make it easier to navigate through diverse terrains, from rocky outcrops to dense forest trails. The thrill of the hunt begins with the journey to your hunting spot, and with Camso, every ride becomes an adventure.

Carry, Hunt, and Haul with Ease

Hunting often requires a variety of equipment, from rifles and bows to camouflage gear and provisions. Camso UTV track systems are designed to handle this load without compromising on your vehicle's performance or your comfort. Once the hunt is successful, these powerful track systems are more than capable of hauling your trophy back home, ensuring every hunting trip ends on a triumphant note.

Creating Cherished Memories

Camso UTV track systems aren't just about getting you to your hunting spot and back; they're about making the journey memorable. By enhancing the safety and ease of your ride, these track systems allow you to focus on the joy of hunting and the beauty of the wilderness. They create the perfect backdrop for you to share those incredible hunting stories and create priceless family memories.

With Camso UTV track systems, you get more than a mode of transport - you gain a trusted partner for your hunting adventures, designed to carry you, your gear, and your trophies safely, no matter where the hunt takes you.

Shop Camso and Kimpex Track Kits for Your Polaris UTV

Discover the perfect track kit for your Polaris UTV in our extensive selection of Camso and Kimpex track kits. We understand how crucial the right track kit is for your vehicle's performance, durability, and safety. That's why every kit in our range undergoes rigorous testing for a perfect fit and enhanced performance.

Our Camso and Kimpex track kits are complete, meticulously engineered solutions designed to meet the unique demands of your Polaris UTV. Featuring a broad selection of high-quality components, our kits are tailored to ensure your vehicle's track system operates at its best.

Whether you're aiming to maintain, repair, or upgrade your vehicle, our range of Camso and Kimpex track kits are guaranteed to deliver reliability and superior quality. Explore our catalog today and find the perfect track kit to match your Polaris UTV.