Frequently Asked Questions

Can the ATV/UTV track treads be studded?

Something that most track owners don’t know is that Camso track treads can be studded. Look closely at the treads and you will see small circles in the tread. These circles are where ice studs can be screwed directly into the tread. Having hundreds of metal studs in your treads means extra grip on the ice without sacrificing the mobility that treads provide in snow and mud.

How long do the tracks last?

Tracks will provide many, many miles of enjoyment and service. Track life, just like tire life, depends on a number of factors, including vehicle weight, speed, and the kind of surfaces you travel on.

Most of all proper maintenance of your tracks can help your tracks last a long time.

Do I have to make modifications to my ATV/UTV to install a track system?

No – in most cases, you will need some hardware and brackets. Consult your installation guide for more information.

Will a track system make my ATV/UTV more likely to tip?

No. Although you gain about 4 inches of vehicle clearance with a track system installed, the additional weight near ground level and the longer, wider wheel base actually increase stability.

How long does it take to switch between tracks and tires?

After the dealer initially installs your track system, changing back and forth between tracks and tires requires about the same amount of time as simply changing tires.*

*Installation time may vary depending on vehicle make and model.

Will the Tracks handle mud, snow, sand and rocks?

Yes, and almost anything else. The tread design and extra surface contact you have with track systems give you outstanding traction on soft terrain like deep snow or mud and a great grip on rocky surfaces. Track systems also distribute weight better, providing maximum flotation to keep the vehicle from sinking in snow, mud, sand, or swamp.

When I change my ATV/UTV, will I be able to transfer my track system to my new machine?

Yes. Our track systems are designed to be installed on almost any 4×4 ATV or SxS model. Transfer kits are available from ATV Tracks to upgrade your track system. Contact us to learn more.

How Easy is it to Steer my ATV/UTV/SxS with a Track System?

Steering is about as easy as it is with tires, except when driving very slow or through heavy, wet snow or thick, deep mud.

How Much Power does it take to use these Tracks?

Less than with tires! Our track systems have very low power requirements, and with the undercarriage design, you gain torque. How? The undercarriage drive sprocket is smaller than your ATV tire (by about 1/3). This gears down the power to a drive ratio that delivers more power to your tracks.