*NEW* Camso X4S Tracks System

July 29, 2019


When it comes to work and play, nothing matches ATVs and UTVs in terms of versatility. An ATV gives you maneuverability, power, and even speed when it counts. Side-by-sides or UTVs offer even more power, more seating, and better protection. Adding a track system to your vehicle makes it even more versatile. You are no longer bound by seasons; tracks provide the flotation needed to go anywhere in the snow. Track kits are a cost-effective way to get more use out of your vehicles. Also, thanks to conversion kits, moving your tracks from ATV to ATV, or UTV to UTV, is as simple as regular maintenance. Camso makes some of the best track systems and conversion kits around and are the choice for off-road vehicle enthusiasts the world over.

Stay on top of what your driving on

Now, thanks to the expertise of Camso engineers, a new track kit is on its way. This track system will be perfect for users who have both ATVs and smaller UTVs. Whether you use an ATV for play and a UTV for chores, or you have a large fleet of vehicles for business, Camso has made your dreams come true. Introducing the new Camso X4S track system. This is the first track kit designed to fit ATVs with engine sizes 300 cc and above, but is also engineered to fit small-to-mid size UTVs with three seats or less. That’s right – the track system you use on your ATV for fun rides through the woods can also be used on your UTV to cruise up to your hunting camp.

Camso has outdone itself with the X4S track system. These tracks feature an inward curve on the front tracks to make steering easier. They also feature flexible sides to absorb the shocks that usually travel to the rider. Additionally, the front track solid steel frames have upgraded geometry to improve steering and handling. Maintenance is substantially easier as well. Track hubs now feature double bearings and oil bath housing to extend life. Bolt on wheels also sport double bearings that are replaceable, making maintenance cheaper. Idler and mid-roller wheels have been widened to 26mm to improve track support. The entire package means you get a high-quality track system that will probably last longer than your vehicles. Also, since the tracks can easily be moved between your 300 cc+ ATVs and smaller UTVs, you’ll get more use from your investment.

The Camso X4S track system, in terms of performance and value, slots in between the T4S ATV track system and the 4S1 UTV track system. The X4S track kits feature the same ground pressure reduction as the T4S track kits. However, the X4S is a clear step up in terms of maintenance, reliability, and performance – all for only $300 more. The 4S1 UTV track kits do have clear advantages over the X4S kits. The 4S1 features 25% more square inches of surface coverage (2520 sq. in. vs 2000 sq. in.). The 4S1 also features extra wide track support wheels, a solid rubber idler wheel, and a replaceable wheel shaft. The Camso X4S, though, perfectly bridges the gap between ATV and UTV applications. For smaller UTV owners, the X4S provides some of the features found in the 4S1 track system for $1,000 less.

So, what are you waiting for? The Camso X4S will be the hottest tracks available for the coming winter months. Give ATVTracks.net a call at (866) 243-8359 and talk to one of our track system experts about your needs. Our people will help you select the perfect track system and required conversion kits for your ATV/UTV. Ask them about the new Camso X4S and any other gear you may need. Also, don’t forget that our track systems are perfect for use outside of winter – power through mud and sand, or float over planting areas without disturbing crops. Whatever your off-road vehicle needs, ATVTracks.net has you covered.

X4S Features and Benefits (TLDR Summary)

  • Interchangeable between ATV and smaller, lighter UTV applications (save money with fewer kits)

  • Exclusive flex-track design on front tracks provide more stable handling and a smoother, more comfortable ride

  • Wider idler and midroller wheels (26mm) for better track support

  • Bolt-on wheels with replaceable double bearings for easier maintenance

  • Double bearing hubs with an oil bath housing for greater durability

  • Solid steel frame featuring improved geometry for better steering and handling

  • Slots between the T4S ATV track system and 4S1 UTV track system in terms of performance

  • Much more economical – better performance for only $300 more than the T4S system, and $1,000 less than the 4S1 system, all in a package that can be used on both your ATV and your UTV (3 seats or less)

  • Far more sexy than conventional tires

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