Camso 4S1 UTV Tracks

Camso 4S1 UTV Track System

Introducing the Unparalleled Camso 4S1 UTV Track System

Redefining the standards of all-terrain prowess, the latest Camso 4S1 UTV Track System delivers unparalleled performance, transforming your journey regardless of the landscape. Experience the next generation of adaptability and power in every condition.

Built Robust, Primed for Endurance

Experience a revolution in off-road traversal with our leading-edge track kit. This powerhouse of a system offers a ride quality that is simply unmatched, providing unrivaled performance across the most demanding of terrains. From deep snow to swampy marshlands, and sticky mud to challenging muskeg, this kit navigates effortlessly, redefining the limits of what's possible.

Constructed with an unwavering focus on durability, it's engineered to not just endure, but excel under pressure. It's an investment in reliability and resilience, for those unafraid to tackle the unknown and the unforgiving. In a market filled with competition, our track kit stands alone. Witness the transformative power of a system built for the long haul.


Whatever your outdoor activities, from work to play, the new Camso 4S1 track system has been designed to meet any usage of an all - terrain vehicle owner.


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Technical Specifications

systemCamso UTV 4s1
Offset (length) 1Front: 26.5 in. (673 mm) Rear:35 in. (889 mm)
Offset (width) 27.25 in. (184 mm)
WeightFront: 103 lb (47 kg) Rear: 120 lb (54 kg)
HeightFront: 25 in. (637 mm) Rear: 24.7 in. (626 mm)
LengthFront: 42.5 in. (1081 mm) Rear: 52 in. (1321 mm)
WidthFront: 12.5 in. (318 mm) Rear: 14 in. (356 mm)
Mounting hardware weightApprox. 6.25 lb (2.75 kg)
rubber track
WidthFront: 12.5 in. (318 mm) Rear: 14 in. (356 mm)
LengthFront: 98.5 in. (2507 mm) Rear: 116.7 in. (2964 mm)
Lug heightFront: 1.125 in. (29 mm) Rear: 1.125 in. (29 mm)
Ground surface2520 sq. in. (1.62 m²)
Ground clearance (average)Increased by 5 in. (127 mm)
Maintained speed (average)
Drive TypeInternal drive
Sprocket15 to 18 teeth
Rubber TrackFront: Flex; Rear: Flat
FrameCarbon steel
Idler & mid-roller Wheels/Tire132 mm double-bearing mid-roller wheels (width: 50 mm) 241 mm double-bearing flat free tires. Bladder-type wheel cap and face seal.
GuideMolded UHMW
Hub and BearingOiled 3-bearing with forged steel multi-bolt. (4-5) pattern hub.
Tandem & SuspensionRubber mount steel tandem. Rubber mount aluminium shaft axle. Maintenance free.
Anti-rotationRedesigned mild steel anti-rotation single rate spring and progressive damper. Quick connect steering limiter design.
Installation time< 2hr
Subsequent< 1hr

Kimpex WSS4 - Camso 4S1 - Camso X4S Track Comparison

Kimpex WSS4
Kimpex WSS4 Made in USA

Kimpex WSS4 - $5,445

Camso 4S1
Camso 4S1 Made in Canada

Camso 4S1 - $6,399

Camso X4S
Camso X4S Made in Canada

Camso X4S - $4,899