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Built for hunting - Camso UTV track systems

Unleash the Explorer in You: Master Remote Locations with Unmatched Power and Versatility

Camso track kits

The heart of every explorer yearns for the uncharted territories, the places where nature reigns supreme, undisturbed by human footprints. Yet, these remote locations often present access challenges that conventional transportation fails to surmount. That's where Camso Track Systems come into play. These robust track systems, crafted to endure the harshest conditions, equip your side-by-side vehicle with the capability to venture into the wild, no matter the season or terrain - be it icy lakes, snow-covered hills, or dense forests.

Access the Inaccessible with Camso Track Systems

Built for the wild, Camso Track Systems are your passport to the furthest corners of the earth. They are engineered to enable access to your secluded cabin or remote outpost, all while ensuring a comfortable and safe journey. It's not just about getting there; it's about the thrill of the journey and the promise of untouched wilderness that awaits you.

Optimized Performance and Power

One of the defining traits of the Camso Track Systems is the unparalleled performance they offer. Their innovative design maintains your vehicle's torque even when burdened with the essentials for a wilderness expedition, ensuring power loss is non-existent. Whether you are climbing steep inclines or navigating through tricky terrain, you can rely on Camso's advanced track systems to deliver consistent power, keeping your adventure moving forward.

Designed for Durability

But power and performance are not the only things that Camso Track Systems offer. They are built to last, designed with rugged terrains in mind. The robust brackets and easy-to-install mounting kits are tailor-made for your vehicle's make and model, promising an excellent fit and reliable endurance. The systems are also transferable to other vehicles, making them an intelligent investment for avid explorers.

Embrace the spirit of adventure with Camso Track Systems. Venture into the wild, access remote locations, and make every journey count. With Camso, the world is yours to explore.


Camso is optimized for your Suzuki 4x4

Camso track kits

Performance is the triumvirate of strength, stability, and accuracy. With this in mind, Camso designs individual track systems that harmonize with your machine and engine. The drive sprockets included in your track package are meticulously designed and calibrated for your specific Suzuki 4x4, allowing your tracks to offer superior flotation and traction without compromising on performance.

  • Designed to sustain top speed and enhance low-end power
  • Ensures optimal speed in all working conditions
  • Calibrated to avoid overloading the clutch and engine
  • Solutions available for smaller machines as low as 300 cc
  • In-built drive system to minimize splatter and optimize power transmission

Multiple sprockets custom-sized for a perfect fit:

  • 15 teeth suitable for 300 to 400 cc
  • 16 teeth suitable for 400 to 500 cc
  • 17 teeth suitable for 550 to 700 cc
  • 18 teeth suitable for 700 cc and above
* The specifications may vary based on different models.


Our ATV and SxS front-mounted tracks feature Camso's unique FLEX-TRACK design. With their flexible sides and a gentle inward curve, they offer a more comfortable ride compared to traditional flat tracks. The front tracks ensure stable handling due to their flexible sides, while the flat rear tracks deliver increased traction and flotation.

  • Stable and accurate steering for enjoyable long-distance rides and extended usage
  • Excellent shock absorption & reduced vibration for increased comfort & less fatigue
  • Significant reduction in splatter
  • Optimal power steering efficiency and longevity


Our simple-to-install mounting systems are perfectly tailored to your machine's make and model, ensuring that the tracks remain securely attached.

  • Constructed to withstand impacts
  • Rear track spring-anti-rotation systems for overcoming obstacles
  • Easily and economically transferable to other vehicles

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Discover the perfect track kit for your Suzuki 4x4 in our extensive selection of Camso and Kimpex track kits. We understand how crucial the right track kit is for your vehicle's performance, durability, and safety. That's why every kit in our range undergoes rigorous testing for a perfect fit and enhanced performance.

Our Camso and Kimpex track kits are complete, meticulously engineered solutions designed to meet the unique demands of your Suzuki 4x4. Featuring a broad selection of high-quality components, our kits are tailored to ensure your vehicle's track system operates at its best.

Whether you're aiming to maintain, repair, or upgrade your vehicle, our range of Camso and Kimpex track kits are guaranteed to deliver reliability and superior quality. Explore our catalog today and find the perfect track kit to match your Suzuki 4x4.