ATV Snowblower

ATV Snowblowers on the Market

March 8, 2022

ATVs are excellent for clearing snow. Many ATV owners in snowy places fit them with plows, but you can get the job done much more quickly with a snowblower attachment.

But which ATV snowblower do you need?

In this article, we will give you tips on buying an ATV snowblower that will suit your needs. We will also give you some great recommendations that we think you will like.

Size And Fitment

The most significant characteristic of ATV snowblowers is their size. This is because you need to know that the one you buy is suitable for your ATV and the area of snow you want to clear.

For example, you don't need to buy a 60" ATV snowblower attachment if you only need to clear a small area. Also, if the area has obstacles requiring you to make tight maneuvers, a large snowblower will be awkward to use, making the job take much longer.

But it is more important to make sure it will fit your ATV in the first place. So you need to ensure that the snowblower is compatible with your ATV. If not, you can buy universal mounting kits, so you have an ATV snowblower setup that you can use. However, it is worth doing your homework on this before buying your snowblower to make sure.

Think Of The Size Of The Space You Need To Clear?

You need to choose a wide attachment if you have a large area to clear. Wider attachments are also best for long and wide driveways, as you will be able to clear the snow much more quickly.

However, you don't need a large attachment if you only need to clear a small or medium-sized area. Also, smaller ATV snowblowers require less fuel to push the snow around.

Consider Your Location's Average Snowfall

How much snow your property gets each year will make a difference to your purchasing decision. If you live somewhere that gets regular snow, you should consider a heavy-duty ATV snowblower. But if the snow cover isn't too heavy where you live, you can save money by choosing a smaller ATV snowblower or a snowplow attachment.

What Is The General Consistency Of The snow?

The consistency of the snow makes more of a difference to traction. If the snow is variable, you may want to fit your ATV with chains or, at the very least, drop your tire pressures for extra grip.

Things To Look For In An ATV Snowblower


You need to pay attention to the basic features of an ATV snowblower before you buy one. The most basic features include width, how it works, and how it fits your ATV. But let's go into more details on ATV snowblower features.


You should pay attention to how many functions the ATV snowblower has before you buy it. Does it have multiple modes for snow clearing? And more importantly, are you going to use them. There is no point in buying an ATV snowblower if it doesn't have the functions you require. Also, you don't want to pay extra for functions that you will never use.

How Easy Is It To Use?

You don't want something that is complicated to use or challenging to fit to your ATV. If it takes a lot of effort to install or remove, you will be frustrated and soon be looking for an alternative. The same goes if it is difficult to maneuver, as you won't be able to effectively clear snow from your property.

However, if your new ATV snowblower is smaller or larger than you expected but easier to use, you will have made a better purchase. 

It can be frustrating if you need to dismount your ATV to make adjustments or control it. Therefore, look for a snowblower that allows you to control as much as possible from your ATV's seat.

Check If It is Compatible With Your ATV

We touched on this earlier, but it is something worth emphasizing. If your new ATV snowblower is not compatible with your ATV, it is useless. Therefore, you need to research the various ATV snowblowers to see what is compatible with your ATV concerning its size and coupling.

Need to double-check that your ATV is compatible with any snowblower you are considering buying, especially if there is a no returns policy.

Build Quality

A snowblower has to work under stressful conditions; therefore, build quality is very important. When you research possible ATV snowblowers, you should pay close attention to the quality of their components. Check out the components' materials, how it is put together, and even the nuts and bolts.

Maintenance Costs

After buying your ATV snowblower, the costs don't stop, as you need to maintain it. How much it costs to maintain your snowblower depends on the model, as it varies thanks to the size and components etc.

A snowplow will only need cleaning and its bolts checking. But more complex snowblowers require mechanical maintenance and regular lubrication.

Check The Warranty

The warranty of a potential ATV snowblower is a good indication of its quality. All new ATV snowblowers should have some kind of manufacturer warranty. Still, the best ones will have 5, 10, or lifetime warranty options.

Less expensive ATV snowblowers may have poor or no warranty. They may not even have a money-back guarantee. You should avoid these products, as they will likely cause you trouble.

Our Recommended ATV Snowblowers

Bercomac Vantage UTV Snowblower

Bercomac Vantage snow blower

The Bercomac Vantage is very satisfying to use, as it clears snow quickly and sends it long distances away from your property. It is also extremely powerful, so it works with all types of snow.

Many people with large properties use the Bercomac Vantage to remove snow quickly and efficiently. It is also suitable for light commercial use.

People who have chosen the Bercomac Vantage love it for its ease of use. You control all its features from the comfort of your seat. This includes starting and stopping the snowblower, turning and adjusting the chute, lifting, and emergency shutdown.

We like the Bercomac Vantage for its excellent build quality. It is made from thick gauge steel, and its superb design incorporates high-performance components. Therefore, this snowblower is dependable and robust.

Bercomac Vantage owners also like how easy it is to attach to their UTV. You can hitch it up in under 4 minutes by dropping its hitch onto your vehicle's rear ball hitch. Then attach the straps or brackets to your front axles.

The 4.75" frame is extendable too. It ranges from 73" to 112" to suit your needs perfectly. But when it is not in use, the Vantage is easy to store, thanks to its parking stand.

The Bercomac Vantage comes in three sizes 54", 66", and 72". The 54" version is fitted with an excellent 22hp Honda motor, while the larger ones have the option to upgrade to a 25hp Kohler motor for faster snow clearing ability.

Bercomac Versatile UTV Snowblower

Bercomac Versatile ATV snow blower

The Bercomac Versatile UTV snowblower is an excellent choice for those new to fitting a snowblower to their ATV. One of the reasons for this is its ease of use. A great feature that makes it easy to use is the electromagnetic clutch, which engages the machine instantaneously. You can also control the power by directly adjusting the chute rotation to your liking.

These features make the Bercomac Versatile one of the most user-friendly ATV snowblowers you can buy.

This snowblower also comes in a range of sizes 54", 66", and 72", with a choice of motor for the larger versions. It also comes with a universal mount, which allows you to fit it to any UTV/ATV in under 5 minutes (but check for compatibility to be sure).

You can choose to mount this snowblower under your vehicle or hook it up to the rear tow hitch. This makes it truly versatile, while the ability to tweak its length and hook it up to the front axles with chains makes it very adjustable too.

Bercomac Versatile owners like that they can control everything about it from their seats. This is thanks to the electrical control box that allows you to adjust the chute, engage the clutch, and stop your engine without getting off your ATV.

You can also order one of these snowblowers without an engine. This brings the cost down but also allows you to fit a different motor to it.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are a few things to consider when you buy an ATV snowblower, but none of them are too complicated. The bottom line is that you need to make sure that your snowblower is compatible with your ATV and is easy to use.

Ease of use is more important than buying the biggest and most powerful ATV snowblower. Obviously, if you have a large and open area to clear, the bigger, the better. But, if you need to remove snow from smaller areas with obstacles and tight turns, a smaller one will allow you to do the job much more quickly.

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