What Is a Puller Tool Used For

What Is a Puller Tool Used For

January 18, 2021

In simple terms, a puller tool is a device made to pull off gears, bearings, and other objects from whatever they connect to. The tool allows you to replace these items if you have damaged ones or want new ones. That is the simple answer to what a is puller tool used for.

The complex answer

In a more complex way, a puller tool is a metal device that has been crafted to separate bearings and gears from their machines. Using a clamping mechanism, the puller tool applies force to separate the object from its housing. It usually features several clamp-like legs that grab the object you want to separate. There is also a long screw that will push against the housing to separate the objects.

How to use a puller tool

This is a small guide to help you use a puller tool. Whether you are removing the bearings from four-wheeler snow tracks or working on a car transmission, this guide will help.

  1. You will want to lubricate the object you are trying to separate so it will come off easily. You also want to lubricate the screw on the puller tool to help preserve it.
  2. Then, clamp the legs to the object that you are trying to remove. Each puller tool has different styles of legs. Make sure your legs are firmly clasped around the object to prevent it from slipping.
  3. You will then need to make sure the screw is centered and placed against the center of the housing that is holding the object you are trying to remove. Your screw should not press against the object you are trying to remove, but rather, the thing you are removing it from.
  4. Once everything is properly set up, you should be able to turn the screw so that it will slowly pull the object away. Do not be afraid to use a wrench or something similar if the screw is not turning. Sometimes, you just need a bit more force than what your hand can provide.
  5. Once the puller has freed the object, you will need to release it from the puller and clean up any of the extra lubricant you used while pulling the object.

Hopefully, this guide has answered any questions you might have about what a puller tool is used for and how to use it.

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