The Best ATV Tracks for Deep Snow

The Best ATV Tracks for Deep Snow

January 5, 2021

If you want to use your ATV all year round, you quickly discover several problems, the biggest one being weather that a typical ATV cannot handle such as snow. Tracks are the answer to this problem, as they have been made to allow ATVs to traverse all forms of difficult terrain. Buying a new ATV track can be quite tricky though. You must keep in mind the different designs of each track and just how it is going to interact with your specific ATV. With all your different options, it can be difficult to find the best options. We have decided to compare some of these options to find you the best ATV tracks for deep snow.

Factors To Look Out For

When it comes to getting four-wheeler ATV tracks there are many factors to consider. Things such as weight and materials are vital to the performance of an ATV track. The width of the track and its design will all have various impacts on your ATVs. Here are some of the things you should keep your eye on to help you make informed decisions when buying a track.

  • Weight: the Track of an ATV is heavier than the wheels it comes with. The weight difference can cause the ATV to slow down and requires more horsepower than just the wheels. It is very important to keep this in mind so that you do not get a track that is too heavy for your ATV. Getting tracks meant for your ATV will often circumvent this problem to a certain extent.
  • Materials: the actual materials of a track greatly affect its durability and performance. The softer the materials to make the tracks, the more grip the track will provide. However, the durability of the tracks will also decrease with softer materials.
  • Frame: the frame of the ATV tacks come in many different designs that all sport different weights and features. Some come with improved shock suppression or focus more on durability. These improved features often come with increased weight which affects the speed and performance of an ATV. Some frames are made from light materials, but they also hold the risk of lowering the durability of an ATV track.
  • Width: the width of a track helps to control steering and displaces the weight of the ATV to help it float. A greater width will allow you to control the ATV, but it does come at the cost of increased weight. This will slow down your ATV and place more of a burden on your horsepower.
  • Steering: when you switch out your wheels for a set of ATV tracks you do have to worry about the new style of steering. The increase of surface area that gives the tracks their traction also causes changes to the steering and handling of your ATV. A quality ATV track will also keep the changes to steering down to a minimum and try to provide the best steering it can.

The major thing to keep in mind when choosing is the choice between the weight of the ATV tracks and the performance of the ATV. This is because you must often choose between the two for most of the features. However, the best ATV tracks have learned how to best balance these factors and have even come up with new ways to keep the weight down while keeping the performance up.

Camso X4S Tracks

The X4S tracks are possibly the most sophisticated tracks on this list. They feature excellent control and stability through winter and snowy times. They provide great traction regardless of the weight and load of the ATV because of their special design. The frame is also built with full steel for amazing stability and steering control. The X4S also features double bearing hubs for increased durability, along with replaceable bearings to allow for easier maintenance. The curved shape of the tracks also provides for a greatly improved and smoother ride than the typical flat track system. The track also features widened wheels for better track support and steering.

Camso T4S Tracks

The T4S sets the standard of quality ATV tracks. This beast of the industry is capable of carrying your ATV without worry while also providing a smooth ride due to its unique track design. It sports engine-specific gearing to provide the most for the ATV. It also is compatible with most vehicle models. This allows you to switch between ATVs without getting a new track. Along with this compatibility comes a very easy and convenient swap method between the tracks and tires. The T4S also comes with the benefit of being the lightest weight in its category.

Camso R4S Tracks

The R4S tracks are made for lower-cc ATVs, but that does not mean they are of lower quality. They raise the quality of the tracks by including specifically designed sprockets that prevent clutch and engine overload. The 8-inch track width also provides good steering for smaller ATVs. The R4S also features additional wheels in the tracks that serve two different functions. The idler wheels in the center give the tracks high impact resistance, and the mid rollers give the tracks additional durability and weight distribution. Both wheels help to prevent the buildup of ice and snow in the tracks.

Kimpex Commander WS4 Tracks

The Kimpex Commander WS4 tracks feature many great design benefits. It starts with a unique track profile that helps it clear any obstacle that it runs into. It also prioritizes ease of handling and responsive steering by limiting the number of wheels that come in contact with the ground which inhibits steering. Additional layers of rubber also help prevent the buildup of ice on the tracks. It also features a fast install speed after the first installation of the tracks. It also has stability improvements and reduced vibrations over its previous versions.

Although this can seem like a lot of data and boring information, hopefully, this guide to the best ATV tracks for deep snow has helped you to choose a track that will allow you to get right back on your ATV and blast through any terrain, no matter the weather. Whether it is trips to the local lake or a joyride in the backyard, you no longer need to worry about the season to enjoy your ATV!

The Best ATV Tracks for Deep Snow

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