How Much the Average ATV Weighs

How Much the Average ATV Weighs

February 5, 2021

Although it does not seem very important, there are many reasons to know how much your ATV weighs. By knowing the weight of the ATV before you purchase it, you can make informed decisions about your ATV. As such, we dive into how much the average ATV weighs to give you an idea of what to look for.

The average weight

It is hard to say that there is one standard weight for all ATVs, as there is a large variety of ATVs with very different weights. The range of the ATV weight starts at 250 pounds and goes up to 1,000 pounds and higher. The lighter ATVs are generally built a bit more for speed, as they do not have to carry as much weight. On the other side of the scale, the heavier ATVs usually have more stability and are generally slower.

One thing that is important to know when conducting your own research into the weight of your ATV is the difference between wet and dry weight measurements. Dry weight refers to the actual weight of an ATV and all its parts. The wet weight refers to the weight of an ATV when it has been filled with all the liquids it requires to run smoothly. This includes liquids like the gas that an ATV runs on and the oil on the wheels that helps prevent wear. Although it can be useful to know the dry weight of an ATV, the wet weight is much more practical.

Why weight matters

The weight of an ATV is very important to the functionality of the vehicle. At a very basic level, the lighter the ATV is, the faster it can generally go; the heavier the ATV is, the better it can handle. Now, it also depends heavily on the parts of the ATV, but the weight does play a factor. The weight also plays a factor in the load an ATV can carry along with its ability to drive in some terrains. For example, deep snow can cause more problems for a heavier ATV. The best way to alleviate these problems on terrains is to use ATV tracks which give them better handling on softer terrains. These tracks also replace the wheels of your ATV with special ATV track parts, but you can switch between the tracks and wheels quickly.

Now, you know how much the average ATV weighs and why that can be useful knowledge; you can make better and more informed decisions about your ATV.

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