ATV Wheels vs. Tracks: The Differences

ATV Wheels vs. Tracks: The Differences

February 15, 2021

ATVs are great fun and can really get you where you need to go. However, the base wheels of an ATV do lack some design features that four-wheeler ATV tracks have. These differences between ATV wheels and tracks can greatly impact your driving experience and should influence your choice between the two options.


The first major difference between tracks and wheels is the amount of traction each provides. When compared to the wheels of an ATV, tracks provide significantly more traction. The size and weight dispersal of the tracks give it increased grip and traction.


ATV tracks can actually provide better performance on all sorts of terrain compared to wheels. The extra traction that the tracks provide means that ATVs can drive on softer surfaces, such as mud and snow, with greater ease. The weight dispersal effect of the tracks and its resulting lower ground pressure also help it cross harsher terrains.

Ground Clearance

ATV tracks lift the ATV higher off the ground than wheels do. This means that the ATV will be able to drive over bigger obstacles and bumps without scratching the bottom of the ATV frame. This is yet another way that the tracks have improved performance on harsher terrain.

Speed and Gas

The tracks do have some downsides that the wheels do not have. By using the tracks, you increase the demand on your vehicle’s power because of the additional weight and the internal designs they utilize. This causes the ATV to lose quite a bit of speed, and it will actually consume more gas in the long run.


ATV tracks have many benefits, but they fall short in the handling department in comparison to normal ATV wheels. This loss of handling is due to their increased traction and increased surface area touching the ground. This means that turning will be less responsive when using tracks.

Although there is a debate about ATV wheels vs. tracks, the great thing is that you don’t have to choose between the two. By using tracks from ATV Tracks, you will be able to switch between wheels and tracks as needed, providing you the best riding experience possible.

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