Understanding UTV Lateral Stability Rating

Understanding UTV Lateral Stability Rating

April 8, 2021

When running comparisons between various UTVs you are looking to buy, you will see many different categories and points of comparison. Many of these factors are self-explanatory, but there is a newer rating system that might need some explaining. Lateral stability rating (the new rating) is a rating given to UTVs to represent the results of some standard testing. Understanding UTV lateral stability rating means you must first understand what this test is and why it matters.

Tilt Testing

The testing process that determines UTV lateral stability rating starts with a normal 4-by-4 UTV. The UTV is placed on a platform that can tilt as needed. The UTV is loaded with a weight that roughly represents two riders, about 430 pounds. The platform then tilts the UTV slowly to show the limitations of the UTV’s stability. The test is not complete until the tilting platform causes a two-tire wheelie. The degree of the angle that the wheelie took place becomes the lateral stability rating.

Lateral Stability Rating

The lateral stability rating basically tells you the amount of tilt the UTV can handle before it becomes dangerous. If a UTV does not get a rating over 33 percent, the UTV will not pass the test. Be mindful that this rating only refers to when the UTV is unmoving and tilting. The stability of a UTV can vary depending on multiple conditions, such as driving and ground material, both of which should be taken into consideration. However, the rating does give you a general idea about the abilities of the UTV.

Understanding UTV lateral stability rating is key to comparison shopping. Although it does have its limited uses, this rating is still a great thing to consider before purchasing a UTV. Please note that this does not usually account for any aftermarket modifications. A vehicle with UTV tracks will have a very different lateral stability rating than one without the tracks. Therefore, there are some steps you can take to alter the rating of your own UTV.

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