The Difference Between ATVs and UTVs

The Difference Between ATVs and UTVs

December 4, 2020

Choosing between an ATV and a UTV depends on many things, including functionality and price. Regardless of the choice you make, buying an ATV or UTV is an investment. Thinking about what you want to use the vehicle for is the most important factor to consider. Determining the function of the vehicle will make your decision easier.

Size Difference

The difference between ATVs and UTVs is that one is generally bigger than the other. An ATV is more compact than a UTV; an ATV tends to fit one person, but a UTV can fit two to three people. A UTV is like a car because it has side by side seating and an option for a second row, whereas an ATV usually only has one seat. An ATV is also a better option if you don’t require much room for storage because a UTV will take up more storage space. Since an ATV is smaller and lighter than a UTV, an ATV is also more agile.

Functionality and Speed

Another difference between ATVs and UTVs is their functionality. ATVs have low cargo capacity, whereas UTVs are good for hauling. While trailer options are available for added hauling space on an ATV, using a trailer can affect the overall agility of the vehicle. ATVs are mainly used for recreation, while UTVs are mainly used for work. However, ATVs and UTVs can be utilized for both functions. Although they both could work for either task, we suggested you buy the vehicle that best meets your needs so you can maximize its function.

Speed is another factor that differentiates ATVs from UTVs. ATVs have two to three wheels that are kept at a lower tire pressure than UTV tires. UTVs usually have four wheels, but more can be added if necessary. A UTV is more like a car because it has four wheels and a steering wheel. An ATV, on the other hand, has hand bars for steering.

Price Difference

Price can often be a major determining factor when choosing a vehicle. However, the price difference between an ATV and UTV is quite vast. An ATV is more affordable than a UTV, but its functions are much different. It is important to keep in mind that a UTV has a roll cage and seatbelts, so you will not need to install too many additional accessories. An ATV doesn’t have as much protection attached, so additional safety equipment may be necessary. Considering this is important because additional gear or parts, such as a trailer, will increase the cost of an ATV. It is also important to factor in the price of tracks, depending on the need or desire to upgrade.

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