Gearing the Camso (Camoplast) Track System

June 14, 2019

Gary talks with Francois Jean, the nationwide powersport representative for Camso (formerly Camoplast Solideal).

Francois says that a lot of people are afraid to put track systems on vehicles with engines 500 cc or less. But the first vehicle they put a track mod onto was a 1986 Honda 300. Camso has gone from modifications for that small vehicle to 9000 cc vehicles from BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products). The reason they can do so is because Camso kits are geared for the power of the engine. This ensures there is always enough power to turn the track in any condition. It’s very important to choose a track kit that fits your vehicle.

Gary says that Camso has done the testing to make sure their tracks fit the different engine sizes. Camso has four drive gears available, something that most competitors don’t have. The drive gear can be chosen based on the engine. For example, a twin cylinder engine with higher RPM would use a smaller drive gear to keep the higher RPM. A single cylinder engine with low-end torque would use a larger drive gear.

Francois gives an example of an old Big Bear 350 Yamaha, a “small tractor” that could go 40 mph. He compared this to a new Honda 680 with a hydraulic transmission. He says that both vehicles use the same sprocket (drive gear) because it’s the output at the wheel that dictates the drive gear used.

Gary adds that when the customer orders a track kit, it’s not the dealer that chooses which kit to order. It’s the engineers at Camso that decide which kit works best for the customer’s vehicle. This means the track kit is an exact fit for your machine. Competitors may have only one size drive gear. That means the track kit may work well for larger engines but is too big for a smaller vehicle. Francois compares a “one size fits all” t-shirt to these track kits. These t-shirts don’t fit one size well, so they don’t fit any size well. The same is true for competitors’ track kits. is the largest track dealer in the world. We are in Spokane, Washington, but we drop-ship products all over the world. We stock $50,000 in parts and $100,000 in tracks. Please call us if you need something right away. Call us at (866) 243-8359, or locally at (509) 590-4653. Our new business address is 11617 East Trent Avenue in Spokane Valley, Washington. We drop-ship from the factory in Quebec City, and shipping to the East coast is very fast. We can ship even faster from our location in Spokane. Please visit our two sites, You can buy parts and tracks through both sites. Don’t hesitate to call us with any questions – we are the experts!

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