CanAm Apache Tracks Vs. Kimpex Commander Tracks Video

October 5, 2018

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Today, we’re comparing the CanAm Apache 360 track system and the Kimpex Commander WS4 track system. Both systems are manufactured by Soucy, and the systems we are discussing are ATV systems. Also, the two systems have many common features. They use the same bogey wheels. The tracks themselves are identical, though they sport different labeling. The torsion arm systems are extremely similar, comprising a nut, bolt, washer, spring, and rubber bushing assembly. The drive gear is internal to the track, with 4-5 contact points each on the inner and outer tracks. The tracks themselves sport guides that make them almost impossible to derail. Finally, the bogey wheels each have two bearings for longer life.

However, the systems have several notable differences. First, the frames are quite different. The Commander uses a solid tube frame, while the Apache has cut out the frame and implemented a patented BRP CanAm aluminum frame that holds the drive gear. This means drive gear maintenance is also different. Working on the Commander drive gear bearings is as simple as loosening the track and removing the bearing cover to access the bearings. The Apache requires removal of four bolts and the front frame housing to access the bearings.

Another very important difference between the systems is application. The Apache drive gear has only one bolt pattern that fits a specific year and model of CanAm ATVs. The Commander systems differ in that the drive gears feature three separate bolt patterns. These systems are ready for use on all ATVs except Polaris (ex. Honda, Suzuki, CanAm, etc.). The Commander systems can also be used with Polaris after installing a unique hub. Another notable feature on the Commander systems is they can be used on both solid axle and independent axle applications.

Finally, costs are different. The BRP CanAm Apache 360 retails for $3600 and requires a mounting kit for around $500. The final shipped cost is $4195. The Kimpex Commander WS4 retails for $3650, and brand new, never mounted demo systems can be available for $3195 shipped. When factoring in the other differences, the Kimpex Commander WS4 is a far more versatile product than the CanAm Apache 360, and it costs $1,000 less.

However, please note that BRP has released a new ATV track design, a long track model similar to another product made 20 years ago. This design features a drive gear through the center of the track. We have tested this product and found some issues. First, the through-track design has only four contact points between the drive gear and track, which can lead to track tearing. Also, this design has metal clips that need to be lubricated with water or snow. They are usable only in snow, and our testing has shown that they do not climb any higher than the original BRP ATV tracks. One final note – this comparison covers only ATV track systems. The UTV systems from BRP cost $5500, while the Kimpex Commander WSS4 UTV systems cost considerably less at $4400.

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