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Make your quad your snow blower. Whenever you need to clear snow, simply drive up to the snow blower and hook it up. You'll be done moving the snow in no time, then unhook the blower and get back in the trails for more fun.

Versatile Snow blowers:
- Engine sold separately (13HP to 22HP engine is recommended)
- Snow Blower opening 54" wide x 21" high or 48" wide x 21" high
- The Snow blowers sub frame attaches to the rear of the ATV/UTV on the hitch ball
- Universal Snow blowers sub frame fits majority of ATV's and small UTV's. Standard length is 117". For longer UTV's an extension frame # 088984 is available and gives you an extra length of 30".
- Fuel tank kit sold separately (088976)-not needed on 15HP motor option.
- Electrical control box included - this will adjust chute - up, down, left, right; and engage clutch. To start machine you will use electric start ignition switch on motor.
- 3 Sheer Bolt Safety System
- All snow blowers come with electric chute controls
- Reduction: Single Belt system (Type (B) belt)
- Weight: 316 lbs
- Warranty: Residential 1year, Commercial 90 days
- Two pulley sizes are supplied with the Snowblowers to adapt to each engine possibility. (Pulley with 1 inch shaft and pulley with 1 1/8 shaft)
- Ask about our 15HP motor option!
- Call for a freight quote

**Engine will need to be installed on blower body.

Prices starting at $2519.90 shipped

Requires Requires:
  • Winch to lift accessory (1000 lb & more)
  • Rear ball hitch (1 7/8'')
  • Please verify measurements of vehicle to ensure proper fit and if optional extension kit for subframe is required.

    Adjustable length: 79'' to 118''.
    With option 700485: 126'' to 156''
Durability HEAVY DUTY Gear Box
  • Assures performance in any type of snow removal and requires no maintenance.

Shear Bolts

  • Equipped with shear bolts which is a preventive measure to reduce the risk of damage when a solid object is picked up but vigilance on the part of the operator is your best assurance against accidents or damage.
Endurance It's double layered base along with other reinforcements will help reduce damage if an obstacle is hit.
Performance 23 HP or 27 HP ''Kohler'' Engine / 24 HP ''Honda'' Engine

Berco TWO STAGE Performance


    Is the powerful saw tooth auger which breaks through any type of snow with ease.

    Is the impeller that turns at a high RPM which propels the snow to further distances.
  • No more wasted time! This beauty attaches within MINUTES on most major brands of UTVs.
  • The mounting system goes underneath the UTV and goes all the way to the rear to hook up on the tow hitch. It is adjustable for different lengths of UTVs. At the front it hooks up to the front axles with some chains. It's that simple and quick.
Benefits Controls at your fingertips.
  • All from the comfort of your seat:
  • Engage the snow blower;
  • Turn and adjust the chute;
  • Emergency shut down.

Comes Complete

  • Universal mounting hardware
  • Motor
  • Gas tank kit
  • Electric controls

Extendible Frame

  • 4.75'' wide frame is adjustable to different lengths: from 79'' to 118''.

Dolly Wheel

  • Dolly wheels frame supports the weight of the snowblower so there is no added weight to the vehicle.

Call to Order

Call for Info: 509-590-4653

Uses ATV's winch (not included)


48 in x 21 in


400 lbs

  • Residential Use : 1 year
  • Semi-commercial, Professional or Rental Use: 90 days

Adjustable electrically from the driver's seat.


Mounted on anti-friction ring for easy rotation of 210°. Controlled electrically from driver's seat.


Made of 12 & 16 gauge steel assuring long hard working life span.


High speed impeller (15", 4 blades) propels snow to great distances.

5Gear Box

No maintenance worm type heavy duty gear box.


Powerful saw tooth style slices through any type of snow with ease.


All rotating components are mounted on bushings to facilitate replacement when needed.


Not included. 13 to 23HP engine with horizontal crankshaft of either 1'' or 1 1/8'' for winter use with muffler exhaust directed towards right is recommended.


Made of carbon steel. Reversible for double life span and replaceable when needed. Protects base of snowblower.


double layered to reinforce the snowblower against damage if striking obstacles.

11Skid shoes

Large shoes allow gliding over various terrains with ease. Adjustable and replaceable.

12Rear View

Quick Hook up

  • Rear hitch: extendible frame hooks up to the rear ball hitch.
  • Please verify measurements of vehicle to ensure proper fit and if optional extension kit for subframe is required.
  • Chains with straps or brackets (brackets stay on permanently) attach to the front axles.
  • Dolly wheel frame supports the weight of the snowblower so there is no added weight to the vehicle.

      Download the
      PDF file for more details.
Part No.
058123 Versatile 54" Snowblower w/15hp Motor 3550.00
088980 Shear Bolt - Fan (Pack 10) 6.99
088981 Shear Bolt - Auger (Pack 10) 9.99
088979 Replacement V-belt 16.99
088975 Snow Cutters (kit 2) 74.99
088983 Top Extensions (54") 104.99

Side (2 x 3") & Top Extension Kit (goes from 54" to 60")

058133 Head Light Kit for Snowblower 123.99
058132 Longer 12V Battery Cable for Starter 158.99
088976 Fuel Tank Kit (2.5L Jerry Can included with hardware) 63.99
088984 Sub Frame extension for ATV's (Adds an extra 39" to the regular frame that is 117", for a total of 150" max) 83.99
TBA (700485) Sub Frame extension for UTV's (Adds an extra 39" to the regular frame that is 117", for a total of 150" max) TBA
Versatile ATV Snowblower
Bercomac Vantage Snowblower