There are snow blowers, and there are amazing snow throwers. This is a Top of the Line Bercomac snow-blower that throws the white stuff! ATV Snowblowers are the ultimate accessory for your ATV. PUT YOUR'S ON ORDER NOW. FREE FREIGHT to most business locations. Residential delivery available for approximately $150.00.Please call Toll FREE @ 866-243-8359 to Purchase Snow Blowers.

Retail = $5695 our price = $5195.00

- Check out the Multimedia tab for video of this awesome top of the line blower in action!
- Equipped with a 23HP engine (Comes with the blower, preinstalled)
- Comes with ATV/UTV box that contains all controls.
- Adjust the ATV/UTV Snowblower chute from your seat using the joystick.
- Engage the ATV/UTV Snowblower clutch from your seat using the joystick.
- Start and stop your ATV/UTV Snowblower engine from your seat.
- Blower opening is 54 inches wide by 21 inches high
- Universal sub frame attaches to the rear of the ATV/UTV on the hitch ball
- 3 Shear Bolt Safety System
- Electrical magnetic Clutch. (No more cable)
- Comes with electric chute controls.
- The Snowblower Weight is 505 lb.
- Residential 1 year Warranty on your ATV Snowblower
- Commerical 90 day Warranty on your ATV Snowblower
- Call us for snowblower freight price quote
- Bolts on in minutes.

All of the Bercomac attachments are interchangeable on the same quick hitch mounting.

Requires Requires:
  • Winch to lift accessory (1000 lb & more)
  • Rear ball hitch (1 7/8'')
  • Please verify measurements of vehicle to ensure proper fit and if optional extension kit for subframe is required.

    Adjustable lenght: 73'' to 112''.
    With option 700485: 120'' to 150''
Innovation Transfer of power
  • Electromagnetic clutch to start the snowblower instantly.


  • A unique Type B belt system assuring reliability and longer life span. Belt tensioner allows changing the belt within 5 minutes, 7/16'' wrench is required to remove the belt guard.


  • In order to offer better manoeuvrability when the ground is not frozen, the weight of the snowblower can be transferred to the vehicle's suspension therefore avoiding that the wheels sink in to the ground.
Durability HEAVY DUTY Gear Box
  • Assures performance in any type of snow removal and requires no maintenance.

Shear Bolts

  • Equipped with shear bolts which is a preventive measure to reduce the risk of damage when a solid object is picked up but vigilance on the part of the operator is your best assurance against accidents or damage.
Endurance Built tough with it's double layered base along with other reinforcements will help reduce damage if an obstacle is hit.
Performance Equipped with a 23 HP engine, it is without a doubt one of the most powerful snowblowers available for ATV's on the market, anywhere. No matter what quantity of snow needs to be removed, this is the machine that will do it.<//li>
Berco TWO STAGE Performance

    Is the powerful saw tooth auger which breaks through any type of snow with ease.

    Is the impeller that turns at a high RPM which propels the snow to further distances.
  • No more wasted time! This beauty attaches within MINUTES on most major brands of ATVs.
  • The mounting system goes underneath the ATV and goes all the way to the rear to hook up on the tow hitch. It is adjustable for different lengths of ATVs. At the front it hooks up to the front axles with some chains. It's that simple and quick.
  • Simply place the saddle on the ATV's seat and connect the wiring to the battery. ATV must be equipped with a winch to lift snowblower.
Benefits Controls at your fingertips
  • All controls are incorporated in the saddle whic includes:
  • Ignition key to start the motor;
  • Choke and throttle for the motor;
  • The power take off button to start or stop the snowblower;
  • One switch to turn the chute and another to adjust the deflector.

Comes Complete

  • Motor 23 HP
  • Gaz tank kit
  • Drift cutters
  • Universal mounting hardware for the majority of ATVs.

Extendible Frame

  • 2'' wide frame is adjustable to different lengths: from 71.75'' to 109.75''.

Dolly wheel

  • Dolly wheel frame support the weight of the snowblower so there is no added weight to the vehicle.

Easy Re-Fueling

  • Gas tank may be removed to be taken to the gas station.

Call to Order

Call for Info: 509-590-4653

Uses ATV's winch (not included).


54 in x 21 in


550 lbs

  • Residential Use : 1 year
  • Semi-commercial, Professional or Rental Use: 90 days
Powder coating

Black powder coat is baked on for a long rust free life.


Adjustable electrically by flipping a switch on the saddle to adjust the height at which snow is projected.


Mounted on anti-friction ring for easy rotation of 237°. Controlled electrically from saddle.


Made of 12 & 16 gauge steel assuring long hard working life span.


High speed impeller (15", 4 blades) propels snow to great distances. Protected by a shear bolt system.


Powerful saw tooth style slices through any type of snow with ease. Protected by a shear bolt system.


Made of carbon steel. Reversible for double life span and replaceable when needed. Protects base of snowblower.


Double layered to reinforce the snowblower against damage if striking obstacles.

8Skid Shoes

Large shoes allow gliding over various terrains with ease. Adjustable and replaceable.


All rotating components are mounted on bushings to facilitate replacement when needed.


23HP "Kohler" with a de-icing unit for winter use. 2 year warranty through "Kohler".

11Gear Box

Heavy duty non-maintenance.

12Gas tank

Removable to facilitate re-fueling

13Drift cutter

Cuts through high snow drifts.

14Rear View

Quick Hook up

  • Rear hicth: extendible frame hooks up to the rear ball hitch.
  • Chains with straps or brackets (brackets stay on permanently) attach to the front axles.
  • Dolly wheel frame supports the weight of the snowblower so there is no added weight to the vehicle.

Controls at your fingertips

  • All controls are incorporated in a saddle wich includes:
  • Ignition key to start the motor;
  • Choke and throttle for the motor;
  • The power take off button to start or stop the snowblower;
  • One swithc to turn the chute and another to adjust the deflector.
Part No.
058131 Prestige 54" snowblower 4,995.00
088980 Shear Bolt - Fan (Pack 10) 6.99
088981 Shear Bolt - Auger (Pack 10 9.99
088988 Replacement V-Belt 12.99
088989 Timing Belt 93.99
088983 10" top extension (54") 104.99
088974 Side (2x3") & Top Extension (10") Kit goes from 54" to 60" 248.99
058133 Head Light Kit for Snowblower 123.99
058132 Longer 12V Battery Cable for Starter 158.99
088984 Sub Frame extension for ATV's (Add an extra 39" to the regular frame that is 117", for a total of 150" max 83.99