BoonDocker is the world's undisputed leader in snowmobile turbo and electronic systems. We have brought that same innovation, reliability, and drivability to the dirt. Building our own electronics and mechanical components gives BoonDocker the advantage of designing, testing, and building a complete turbo system in-house. We passionately focus on ease of installation, clean fit, turn-key operation, and unparalleled customer service, together in the ultimate turbo performance package. BoonDocker products provide dependability you can rely on.

Some of the features you will enjoy in your BD RZR Turbo System include: EZ Installation means our kit utilizes the existing stock mounting brackets with the exception of drilling two small holes and shortening one stock exhaust bracket. Electronic Fuel Control Box with integrated electronic boost control (EBC), altitude compensation, and years of innovation. BD clutch kit includes springs and preassembled adjustable weights. The heavy duty Donaldson air filter is designed specifically for extreme dust environments and can be serviced in seconds.

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XP 900 RWHP Dyno #'s
Stock 67 hp
6 psi 93 hp
8 psi 118 hp
10 psi 128 hp
12 psi 150 hp

UTV Boondocker Turbo