The Factory Series 2.5 PODIUM RC2, Position-Sensitive shock with Bottom-Out Control and Kashima Coat offers less fade, a plusher ride, and takes bigger hits. The large-diameter bore allows for greater damping force capability while allowing the shock to run at lower overall temperatures resulting in less fade. The internal bottom-out cup provides additional damping at the very bottom of the stroke to give you the ability to push your vehicle harder for longer with improved driver confidence. Less compression damping at ride-height gives improved comfort and traction while huge damping in the end-zone helps to flatten out the biggest of bumps. Externally adjustable Dual Speed Compression lets you tune for optimal compression damping at each phase of the stroke. It also has a wide range rebound adjustability allowing for a set-up that's perfect for your personal driving style, terrain, and course conditions.

• Front and Rear, Sport UTV shock
• Coil Spring
• Custom tuned for Race, Dune, Trail or Desert
• Dual Speed Compression (DSC)
• Wide Range rebound
• Spring Preload
• Spring Crossover (Application specific)
• Bottom-Out Control (Application specific)
• Negative Spring (Application Specific)

Improved Performance
• Race-proven velocity-sensitive damping control technology: Custom-tuned for its intended application with different piston flow, valving, and spring specifications
• Precision manufactured damping pistons for maximized damping consistency and flow characteristics
• Bottom-Out Control, adds up to 3000 lbs of damping force towards the final 25% of the shock travel, right before a potential bottom out event
• Large bore 2.5” Kashima coated shock body maximizes performance and ride quality and provides less fade and heat dissipation
• New high-flow, high- and low-speed compression adjuster offers an increased adjuster range
• External rebound adjustment allows you to tune the rate the shock returns after compression in order to optimize control in all conditions
• 5/8" Hard-chromed shaft, induction hardened shaft
• Infinite main piston valve stack adjustability
• 3.0" ID lightweight race spring

Long Lasting Durability
• Aerospace-grade PTFE-lined spherical bearings to maximize durability
• Anodized Internal Floating Piston (IFP) and bearing housing to prevent oil contamination and to boost seal durability and lifespan
• 6061-T6 aluminum piggyback body caps, bodies and reservoirs
• Genuine Kashima Coat's distinctive gold color backed by its buttery-smooth, high performance attributes — exceptionally smooth feel and extreme durability
• Fully re-buildable and serviceable

Starting At:

Price: $949.95
Call for Info: 509-590-4653
Fox Podium 2.5