It's mean, lean, cleaning machine. This gives a new meaning to joy ride. Take a ride while cleaning, raking, grooming lawns...

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  • Winch to lift accessory (1000 lb & more)
  • Rear ball hitch (1 7/8'').
  • Please verify measurements of vehicle to ensure proper fit and if optional extension kit for subframe is required*
    *If the measurement from front of bumper to the rear ball hitch is longer than 100" you will need the subframe extension kit #700455.
Durability: Made of thick gauge steel and other high performance components & design.
  • Performance: 11 HP "Honda" GX340 with Cyclone air filter

    Air filter specifically for dusty conditions with dual air filter.

  • Call to Order

    Call for Info: 509-590-4653
    • No more wasted time! This beauty attaches within MINUTES on most major brands of UTVs.
    • The mounting system goes underneath the UTV and goes all the way to the rear to hook up on the tow hitch. It is adjustable for different lengths of UTVs. At the front it hooks up to the front axles with some chains. It's that simple and quick.
    • UTV must be equipped with a winch to lift broom.
    Benefits: Controls at your fingertips.
    • All from the comfort of your seat:
    • Flip a switch to angle the broom to the left or right.

    Comes Complete

    • Universal mounting hardware
    • Motor
    • Dust protector
    • Electric controls
    • Side markers
    • Side wheels support kit
    • Parking stand

    Extendible Frame

    • 4.75'' wide frame is adjustable to different lengths: from 67.50'' to 106.50''.

    Easy Storage

    • Parking stand to facilitate storage.

    Dolly Wheel

    • Dolly wheels frame supports the weight of the broom so there is no added weight to the vehicle.

    All SxS or UTV's with hitch

    Bercomac ATV Sweeper