Signs Your UTV Bearings Need Replacement

Signs Your UTV Bearings Need Replacement

January 11, 2021

During your use of your UTV, you will notice some changes to the handling and sounds it makes. This is from the normal wear and tear of its usage, but you should not ignore it. The bearings are a common part that can cause problems as they suffer a lot from regular usage. However, if you watch for signs your UTV bearings need replacement, you will have plenty of warning to replace them.

Signs To Watch Out For

There are many small signs that you need to replace your UTV bearings. A clicking noise as you drive can be indicative of bad bearings. This sound will often start as a rumbling and become worse as you turn. You might also notice that your steering is also affected, with slight drifting to the right or left as you stop. An uneven wear on the tires along with wobbling tires are also signs of bad bearings.

Testing Your Bearings

There are several ways to check your bearings. One effective test is to get your UTV on a flat surface and then use a jack to lift it. Once its wheels are off the ground, you can push down on the wheels. Any vertical movement in the wheels can reveal bad bearings. When you conduct this test, make sure that your hands are at the 12 o’clock position on the wheel to ensure you get proper results. You can also check the bearings manually to see if there is any wear and tear.

Why You Should Replace Your Bearings

It might seem like a bother to check your UTV bearings often, but there are several reasons to do so. The changes to handling and steering can be a bit dangerous if ignored, as they affect your ability to control the UTV. Bad bearings can also cause cascading problems in the other parts of your UTV. Damage to the axle and the wheel can quickly occur and will need to be addressed if you drive on worn bearings. Even if you switch to UTV tracks to avoid the wheel damage, you will soon damage the UTV track parts and need replacements.

As you can see, it is important to check on your UTV bearings often and to replace them. If you just keep your eye on some of the signs your UTV bearings need replacement, you will not have any problems and you’ll be able to keep your UTV in top shape. Our suggestion is to check your UTV bearings every few rides and to keep them well-oiled to prolong their life.

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